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AFCO 62 Silver Series Twin Tube Late Model Shock - 7" Stroke - Front Dirt Late Model High Speed Rebound Valving: 3-6 Compression, 4-8 Rebound


Double adjustable, aluminum big body shocks incorporate the latest technology including new SMART valving. Available for a variety of dirt or pavement late model applications, shocks have DURox chrome shafts and are owner serviceable. Coil-over kits are included.

  • Premium quality gas shock
  • Adjustable on both compression and rebound
  • Shim stack design - owner rebuildable, revalveable, serviceable
  • DURox chrome shaft
  • Includes tuning guide
  • AFC20135C Coil-over kit is included
  • Compressed Length: 12.38"
  • Extended Length: 19.34"
  • Stroke: 7