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AFCO C2 Brake Pads - GM D52


AFCO proudly offers its line of C1 and C2 racing and high performance brake pads. These brake pads have gone through extensive development and testing in the toughest racing environments. The C1 and C2 racing brake pads are derived from the latest materials in friction products and utilize the latest technologies in brake pad manufacturing.

  • High torque with excellent control qualities
  • User friendly/easy break-in
  • Exceptional pad and rotor wear
  • Available in two compounds (C1 and C2) to fit popular caliper styles
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • C2 Compound: This compound provides exceptional high temperature performance. C2 is designed to withstand wide-ranging temperature changes, giving the driver predictable pedal feel and excellent control qualities lap after lap. C2 is high in torque value yet has very long pad wear life while remaining rotor friendly. C2 the perfect choice for all higher temperature applications. Recommended temperature use: 500 to 1200 degrees.

    AFCO C2 Brake Pads - GM D52 1251-2052