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AFCO Lightweight Aluminum Radiator - 19" x 22" 3" - Chevy


Lightweight version of the most popular size radiator for alcohol late models or modifieds. Race proven in alcohol cars under all racing conditions. The new AFCO N Series Racing Radiators offer you the best value in cooling your race car. We have taken our most popular sizes and styles and made them available in this series. Increased production capacity, elimination of epoxy sealant (not needed in furnace brazed core) and more efficient testing methods have allowed us to lower the prices on a true quality product. Don't be fooled, these are the same high quality 16 fin per inch cores that AFCO has always featured, not the older style cores some manufacturers offer. When you think quality and value, think AFCO "N" Radiators.


Furnace Brazed Cores - Eliminates sealing problems and need for epoxy on tanks; 16 Fins Per Inch Core -Allows more airflow to provide better cooling; Cores Include Mount Type Flanges -Simplifies mounting.

AFCO Lightweight Aluminum Radiator - 19" x 22" 3" - Chevy 80100LWN