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AFCO Multileaf Spring - Camaro (6 3/8" Arch) 176 lb


Lightweight IMCA. Modifieds to heavy stock cars - AFCO has the correct springs.

  • Chrysler, Camaro, or Pinto type
  • Chrome Vanadium
  • TeflonĀ® rub blocks
  • Tapered leafs
  • Front bushing included
  • AFCO Multileafs are built with the same materials and craftsmanship as the popular AFCO Monoleafs. Racers using multileaf springs realize the importance of accurate arch, load capacity and durability. AFCO Leaf Springs are the highest quality racing springs available and give you features not available in any other leaf springs. 2500 lb. to 3000 lb. Car

    AFCO Multileaf Spring - Camaro (6 3/8" Arch) 176 lb. 20228