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AFCO Pillar Vane Drilled Rotor -12.19" x .810" - 8 Bolt -RH


AFCO continues the commitment to bring new and innovative components to the racing community. Pillar vane rotors are engineered to provide superior strength, reduce rotor weight and run cooler. At the heart of the rotor, each pillar is diamond shaped providing brake pad surface stability as well as reducing rotating weight over rotors of similar strength. Racers will take note of reduced weight when compared to rotors of similar strength. Reduced rotating weight means reduced lap times. When brake performance is discussed, AFCO is the bottom line.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed using premium grade alloys for superb thermal shock stability
  • Machined and double disc ground to assure precise flatness
  • Precise pillar placement for high volume cooling
  • Premium center - split castings reduce stress risers
  • Rotationally machined balanced - CNC
  • More brake pad surface support (pillars) to prevent rotor cupping
  • Increased cooling capacity-allows for trail braking, lap after lap
  • Strength of an 80 vane rotor with the weight savings of a 32 vane rotor
  • Machine balanced to reduce vibration-improves brake system performance
  • Drilled to allow gas to escape-improves rotor & pad efficiency
  • Gas slots to wipe brake pad and eliminate brake system fade

    AFCO Pillar Vane Drilled Rotor -12.19" x .810" - 8 Bolt -RH