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Global West Lower Control Arms For Coil-Over - Del-A-Lum Bushings - GM - 1967-69 Camaro, Firebird / 1968-74 Nova


Sold as pairs, Global West's tubular lower a-arms for coilover applications will directly fit 1967,1968, and 1969 Camaro subframes. No modifications are required. The A arm is designed to accommodate a coilover shock rather then a conventional coil spring. Therefore a spring pocket is no longer required. The lower a arm instead has a reinforced shock plate. Note: Coilover shocks bolt on top of the lower control arm, not from underneath. Coilover shocks the allow QA-1, Afco, and Air Ride technology components to bolt directly on. We felt we needed a control arm specifically designed to handle the load of a coilover application. The design of the lower arm would also clean up the appearance showing off the coilover kit. Therefore CTA-79H was designed.

The arm offers 4 major strength areas to look at:

  • Doubling plates are used in the loaded areas where the shock bolts to the arm.
  • Cross tubes support the loaded shock mounting area and outside main tubes.
  • The sway bar mounting plate adds support to the ball joint area.
  • Straps are used around the bushing housings strengthening the housing to the tube.
  • CTA-79H will not except standard coil springs.
  • The arms are supplied with ball joints, bump stops, and control arm bushings. They are designed to handle the increased load being placed through the shock attachment points versus the conventional stock spring location. The control arms are shipped pre-assembled for your conveyance. Part # CTA-79H - Lower control arms are supplied with ball joints, bump stops, and Top of the line Del-a-lum bushings. The arms are pre-assembled.

    New Lower arm Hardware order Part # 4003

    Part # CTA-79HP - Lower control arms are supplied with ball joints, bump stops, and Polyurethane bushings. The arms are pre-assembled.

    Product Description: Control Arm, G-Plus, Tubular, Lower, Aluminum/Plastic Bushings, Steel, Black Powder Coat, Coil Over, GM F/X-Body 1967-74, Pair